Our Company

Arbuda Logistics was established in 2003. It entered the transport industry and since then has been a leading bitumen transportation company over the years it has left an indelible mark and made steady progress in serving various business houses. During nearly last five years of its existence, by virtue of its excellent rapport with the customers it is one of the transporters to be reckoned with. The small seed over a span of five years has grown in to a giant tree with its deep roots of speed, services and satisfaction. Its branches are well spread to almost all the refineries of northern and western region of the country. Our motto “Satisfaction and Speed” is it self speaks of our mission of providing prompt services to our valued customers. Right from the day of its inception the secret behind the success has been only one area customer satisfaction. (1) Arbuda Logistics has covered all the major refineries of the country with more than five refineries of the north and west region.
(2) In the field of technology also we are on the forefront. Almost all the branches are computerized and interconnected via state of the art technologies like E-mail and internet.
(3) We delivered near one lace tones of bitumen to our various customers every year.